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At Aquatech basement waterproofing Toronto, we understand that your home may need window well installation. It will help take care to keep your basement dry, decorate and keep it well maintained. When we walk outside, we often find extra-large flower pot structures outside the windows. These are called Window wells. These window wells are made up of solid stuffed barriers, mainly of plastic, ribbed galvanized metals, masonry or pressure-treated wood, which avoid seepage after heavy rain. Aquatech Waterproofing contractors are highly specialized in Window well installation.

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Transferable warranty

Transferable warranty

25 Years Experience

25 Years Experience

Highest quality guaranteed

Transferable warranty

Thousands of Happy clients

Thousands of Happy clients

25 Years Experience

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Several Times Homestar Winners

Several Times Homestar Winners

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Working of Window Wells

Window wells are a fabulous way to keep your basement dry. A perfectly installed window well will collect water and later drain it away from your home. The water might get constantly dripping inside the foundation without these window wells and trickle into your house. One can’t notice this because of pooling up water against your home. That’s why Aquatech window well installation Toronto experts help you determine the best spot for the Window well.

Benefits of Installing window wells

There are many beneficiary factors one must keep in mind about installing window wells to avoid water seepage after rain:

Conventional Window Well Precautions:-

During the wet season, we face a lot of ordinary problems related to our drainage system, and few things should be kept in mind while window well installation Toronto-

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Why “Aquatech Waterproofing”?

Aquatech cracked foundation repair Toronto professionals know the importance of properly waterproofed, well constructed, accurate sized window walls. Hence, we help you by building such window walls that will strengthen the foundation structures by minimizing the excessive pressure over the walls. 

Our experts serve you the most accurate evaluation for building a foundation. To schedule a window well installed in your surrounding areas, contact us now.

Aquatech waterproofing is a HomeStars 5 Star rated company delivering the best solutions. We have more than hundreds of reviews that are posted online by our happy clients with 4.9 ratings. You can rest easy knowing that a transferable warranty extends up to 25 years with our certified company services. 

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