What is the cheapest way to waterproof a basement ?

Are you done spending money on your basement repair? Are you finding a cheap way for basement waterproofing Toronto? Drain repairs or exterior sump pump installation can cost you big bucks; therefore, this blog has shortlisted some of the most affordable ways to waterproof your basements. 

Keep your eyes on the details till the end. 


Some Cheapest Ways for Basement Waterproofing Toronto

There are many ways to survive in a basement with a leak problem, but they’re all temporary, eh? Check the list below for the affordable options: 

  • Foundation Cracks Removal

Cracks are one of the critical things to take care of foundation walls so that there is no chance of water seeping in. One of the primary sources of water that can clog the basement entrance is the rainwater collected in the gutters. Besides, eavestroughs are not good options; they allow water spaces to enter your basement. 

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  • Drainage Cleaning and Repair 

Aquatech drain cleaning services Toronto are the best option you can trust for the cheapest and most affordable waterproofing and drain cleaning services Toronto. Keeping the gutters clean and dry is the duty of an expert, and cleaning the dry, spoiled leaves, and other debris prevents water from entering. 

Make the exterior chances of entering the waterway minimum to enjoy the interiors of the basement. 

  • Downspouts Cleaning 

Speaking of downspouts, they are a low-cost option for keeping a basement dry and fresh. How often do you clean the gutters? You can avoid severe water damage problems if the downspout is installed in your basement drainage system.

A basement waterproofing professional’s fee in the GTA for removing cracks costs bucks. Still, the good thing is Aquatech drain installation Toronto and basement waterproofing Toronto usually gives discounts and offers for multiple crack fixes. We are a reputable team of contractors and will also provide a transferable warranty.


  • Underground Downspouts

Installing underground downspout extensions makes the basement waterproof by carrying water at least 10 feet from the foundation at a reasonable cost. Everything is under the pockets, whether working in the daylight or a bubbler pot! It makes the soil outside the foundation less prone to saturation.

  • Apply Polyurethane 

The interiors of the basement can’t be overlooked. One of the most common reasons for seepage is a non-structural crack in a poured concrete foundation wall. Therefore, interior basement waterproofing fills these cracks and is best repaired by injecting polyurethane. 

Polyurethane installation fills the crack and seals the water from coming outside the soil. The polyurethane cures the problem and prevents the walls from re-cracking caused by minor foundation movement.

On Summing Up, 

With the hope of sewer line repair Toronto, a homeowner wants all the services at one cost under the assistance of a professional basement waterproofing company. Thus, Aquatech drain cleaning services Toronto has been working for decades to serve affordable services to the customers.  

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