Exterior Basement Waterproofing​


Do you want to save your basement walls? Save from the unwanted water damage! Walls are the home’s beauty, and we know you can’t afford to destroy them. 

So, ensure that your basement walls are waterproofed before decorating or making them new. 

Why Is Waterproofing Basement Walls Important?

Recreate Your Basement Walls 

Basement waterproofing Toronto helps you recreate the basement walls the way you want them. You can have beautiful walls with pictures or paintings of your own without thinking of stains or spots here and there. 

It is an essential aspect of drain repair cost Toronto. Still, if problems arise later on, several ways to detect them. Waterproofing the basement nullifies many health hazards with basement leakages, waterlogging, and structural damage. 

To Prevent Harmful Human Health Hazards

Mould can arise in less than two days and potentially trigger a range of health issues, besides allergies, night sweats, headaches, asthma, and coughing, if not removed. Basement waterproofing Toronto keeps your home disease-free, which increases its value.

Prevent The Basement From Becoming Swimming Pool

Basements absorb moisture because they have been constructed below grade. Even during wet seasons, you may witness moist basement walls and potholes now and then. 

What could be the worst-case scenario? Flooding. Aquatech drain cleaning services Toronto are available 24/7 to provide cleaning and waterproofing services. 

To Reduce Increasing Interior Basement Issues

Basements that are humid, damp, or wet can lead to peeling paint, mould and fungal growth, worn down wood, and damage to warehouses. Aquatech basement waterproofing Toronto has inspected some signs that need to be considered for waterproofing basement walls.

Vital signs that indicate immediate waterproofing of your basement walls are: 

  • an unpleasant odour due to dampness; 
  • prominent smudges on the basement walls or wall surface; 
  • difficulty opening and closing basement doors due to soreness; 
  • mould or mildew on the walls; 
  • and visible cracks on the slab or crawl space exterior wall.

Do You Want To Waterproof Basement Walls?

Basements are the beauty of the homes; Canadian homeowners are giving the basements as rent for living. In this case, the walls and every basement corner should be perfect and waterproofed. Eh?

So here are two things you should keep in mind if you’re going to the interior or exterior basement waterproofing for walls. 


  • Never Take A Risk To Do It Alone


It might not be a good idea if you’re planning to do the basement walls on your own, and why take the risk if you have helpful options for emerging wet basement issues? Because whether it is interior basement waterproofing or cleaning, it needs a realistic and professional mind to work.


  • Always Ask For Professional Help


We think going on a do-it-yourself mission is not a good idea! Sewer line repair Toronto does much to protect your home from emerging hydrostatic pressure.

On Summarizing, 

Cracks or leaks are usually seen on the basement walls. Thus, professionals use standard construction practices to protect your basement and make waterproof basement walls. Aquatech Drain Repair has been working for 25 years to assist homes with basement waterproofing Toronto in GTA and make every basement waterproof. 

Call now for free inspections of your basement walls!