The Dangers of Sewer Backups Are Numerous

One common and serious plumbing issue that anyone can experience is sewage backup in their homes or offices. This is something that most homeowners would not wish on their worst foe. 


However, if you think your plumbing system is at risk of a sewage backup, it is important to be ready. This is because it can cost more than just a bad day and dirty hands – that’s what the expert waterproofing service provider Toronto says. 


So let’s find out the most prevalent sewer backup hazards, which will help you understand why hiring basement repair services in Toronto like Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Company is essential. 


  • Health hazard 


One of the most severe consequences of a sewer backup is that it poses a danger to the health of you and your loved ones.


As sewage contains viruses, germs, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria – it can infect everyone around, causing illness and, in worse situations, death. 


To be precise, some of the bacteria that this sewage contains and the way they can affect your well-being include:


  1. Acanthamoeba – causes infections in the throat, nose, and eyes.
  2. Heliobacter Pylori – is a bacteria that increase the risk of ulcers.
  3. Salmonella – causes stomach cramps and diarrhea.
  4. Coli – causes diarrhea, stomach pains, and death in some cases.
  5. Leptospirosis – causes nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches and pains.


  • Property damage 


The next danger is that sewage backup can cause damage to your property. Sewage backup mainly happens when the water sits in your home for longer than expected, it can make your property suffer. At the same time, you’ll have only one option, which is to get a trusted basement waterproofing service provider in Toronto.  

From damage to the walls and floors to making insulation and flooring components no longer valid – they can cause it all. 


Also, you can expect the spread of mould and germs, which can make every item on your property dismantled. Therefore, counting on professionals of basement waterproofing services in Toronto like Aquatech waterproofing can be worth it as they help prevent the issue at an early stage.


  • Fire hazard


One of the most common dangers that sewage backups cause is fire. This happens when the water level reaches the height of the electrical outlets. Thus, if you find the water level rising, it is suggested by the cracked foundation repair Toronto to cut off the power of the electrical equipment. 


Or simply make sure not to touch anything and exit the building immediately. On the other hand, prioritize your safety and wear rubber boots or stand in a dry area. 


Remind yourself and look out for others so that they do not touch any metal objects. Lastly, it is recommended to leave this problem in the hands of professionals of exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto, like Aquatech Basement Waterproofing.


Time to count on experts and save your hand from getting dirty!! 


If you notice sewage leaking on your property, then without delay, count on experts of interior basement waterproofing in Toronto.  

These professionals can handle the problem quickly by minimizing your health and property damage risks. Using the latest techniques, they would offer a free inspection, free basement waterproofing estimates in Toronto, and quick relief from the problem at affordable rates