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We all know that a sump pump is the most important working part of our basement waterproofing system, and it works as a workhorse. A capable sump pump not only avoids the stress of a wet basement but also safeguards priceless lines of defence by keeping moisture away. It releases water out to storm drain, above grade routed away from the building or dry well. These pumps are so competitive because they will push the water away from the house. A typical sump pump requires a sump pit to collect the water and then force the water out to keep the basement dry. Thus, a sump pump installation will create a more competent drainage system by controlling the direction and collection of the excess water.

Water damage may be a severe issue of a building. It can create additional problems which make the conditioning of the structure unsafe and affect the foundation of the building and damage the basement. Inadequate interior waterproofing can hamper the structure a lot. Water exposure to wooden frames leads to water penetration, hindering the plumbing systems and additional basement structures. Aquatech basement waterproofing services will professionally perform this job and make sure everything works best for you.

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Transferable warranty

Transferable warranty

25 Years Experience

25 Years Experience

Highest quality guaranteed

Transferable warranty

Thousands of Happy clients

Thousands of Happy clients

25 Years Experience

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Several Times Homestar Winners

Several Times Homestar Winners

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What is a sump pump?

A Sump Pump is the basement device or mechanical pump which pumps away all the excess water from the drainage system. There will be no system without a sump pump installation. It is essential to use the best sump pump because if the pump fails, the system fails, and once the system fails, the pump can’t pump water out and hence lead to failure of the system. 

Why do you need a Sump pump?

The main components are the Crawlspace waterproofing system, wall leak protection, sump pump, and a drainage channel. As the water gets collected in the drainage channel, it is released into a sump pit. Water is thrown out of the basement through a discharge pipe up to that much distance from where water can’t return into it.

As it rains, the water level increases against the basement of your home. The higher volume of water against the walls results in higher downward pressure, and this pressure causes water to find cold joints and cracks to leak.

When these things happen, the basements become flooded with water, and therefore, it is crucial to plan well for the discharge area and drainage system. Even when you are on vacation or work, the pump keeps on working 24/7 to create a protected environment. In short;

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How do Aquatech experts install the sump pump in your basement?

Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Contractors are the wet basement specialists in Toronto. Proudly serving for more than 25 years in the GTA, we are willing to solve any waterproofing basement problems by offering guaranteed solutions. For the interior basement waterproofing problems, we provide a range of remedies that include fixing every possible internal foundation damage. 

Our specialists are always ready to serve in the Greater Toronto Area no matter what time of the day it is. The professional technicians are very well trained and equipped to handle all the basement-related problems and provide you with the highest quality work and guaranteed results. 


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