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We all have come across a need for interior basement waterproofing with water stains and condensation all over the basement walls. With paint peeling off the wall and powdery, white substance on the poured concrete. With greenish or black moulds giving out a dank and musty smell. What an unpleasant sight amid your house! Wet basements with water leakage are most prone to this. And that is why it is vital to remove the water and moisture as the foremost step, followed by eliminating moulds and repairing the interior waterproofing Toronto structure of your basement. This is not a piece of cake! You will need the expert’s assistance for this.

Aquatech waterproofing company is an experienced team of specialists contractors who are always ready to serve you with guaranteed 

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solutions. We understand your concern with the wet basement repair, and that is why we offer the best reliable interior basement waterproofing services for all your problems. 

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Transferable warranty

Transferable warranty

25 Years Experience

25 Years Experience

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Transferable warranty

Thousands of Happy clients

Thousands of Happy clients

25 Years Experience

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Several Times Homestar Winners

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Identifying interior basement waterproofing problems

Whether it is a residential or commercial building, the basements can be filled with hidden interior waterproofing Toronto problems that might be causing water leakage. But the source of the problem remains unidentified to your eyes. And that is why the first thing our waterproofing specialists are going to do is to suspect and trace all the hidden and existing problems in the basement. Hydrostatic pressure that causes cracks in the walls and floors is one of the primary reasons for the leaky basement repair. Therefore, identifying the cracks and holes and filling the gaps using a sealant application can help fix the problem. But what about the other issues that had grown over the period when your basement was soaked with water. Yes, the moulds and moisture can be very stubborn to remove, and these require expert hands for permanent removal.

Problems that arise inside your basement area

Wall and floor cracks

Cracks in your basement foundation damage walls and floors are the most common issue for interior basement waterproofing repair. These holes and cracks are the results of pressure created in the poured concrete. The cracks easily allow water and moisture to enter the basement and thus, lead to other problems there. Water can quickly enter beneath the floor via these visible cracks. 

Sump pump issues

Sump pump installation in your basement foundation can help keep away the water accumulation from your basement area, and it drains all the moisture and water from the site. However, you need to ensure that your sump pump is in good condition before any water-related problems start prevailing inside your basement. If you notice rusting and unpleasant sounds coming out of your pump, it’s time to get it checked by the experts. 

Formation of white powdery substance

A wet basement repair with water leakage problems can have concerns of stained and damp walls. You will find a white powdery substance known as efflorescence, on the walls, along with peeling of paints and corrosion. These can cause your basement to look very nasty and ugly. The main root for this cause is the presence of moisture in your basement due to water leakage. If your basement has the same problem, you might require upgrading the basement walls through a proper wall panelling system.

Growth of moulds and fungi in the basement

You can witness the outbreak of moulds and other fungi if your basement is filled with moisture and water. This is a prevalent interior waterproofing Toronto problem that usually occurs and is hard to remove. The greenish or black moulds can overgrow as they scatter the spores all over the basement area. This situation can be very unpleasant for your sight and smell. Also, the infestation of moulds in your basement area can cause severe health problems related to breathing and respiratory organs. 

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Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Contractors are the wet basement specialists in Toronto. Proudly serving for more than 25 years in the GTA, we are willing to solve any waterproofing basement problems by offering guaranteed solutions. For the interior basement waterproofing problems, we provide a range of remedies that include fixing every possible internal foundation damage

Our specialists are always ready to serve in the Greater Toronto Area no matter what time of the day it is. The professional technicians are very well trained and equipped to handle all the basement-related problems and provide you with the highest quality work and guaranteed results. 

Aquatech waterproofing company Mississauga is a HomeStars 5 Star rated company delivering the best solutions. We have more than hundreds of reviews that are posted online by our happy clients with 4.9 ratings. You can rest easy knowing that a transferable warranty extends up to 25 years with our certified company services. 

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