How to cure a wet basement

There are several inches of floodwater standing at the base of the stairs. A wet basement can be a disaster if the basement includes a finished space for living. From drywalls to ruined furniture, rainfall and melting snow can cause excessive damage from drywalls to ruined furniture. One of the first steps for curing wet basements in Toronto is to find the reason behind it.

  • Condensation

Suppose there isn’t any water flow after rain or snowfall into your basement, yet you keep finding damp spots. In that case, the problem is condensation, which collects in your basement as droplets on any surface when they come in contact with humid air. 

If condensation is the issue, you can air out the basement by running fans and an opening window to circulate the air. A dehumidifier can be of much help and can quickly help dry out moist air. 

  • Runoff

If your basement gets wet every time after rain or snowfall, the high chances are that they are dealing with runoffs. Runoffs happen when rainwater comes through cracks of walls or porous stones. 

To fix these runoff situations, try patching cracks in the foundation and sealing the basement walls with masonry caulk. Look for unsealed cracks on the driveway whereby direct water below the grade can come through, causing leaky basement Toronto.

  • Other

When you realize that neither condensation nor runoff is the problem, try calling for personal help with basement waterproofing services. You might as well consider installing an interior gutter to collect water and route it to a floor drain.

Below are some steps you might want to consider while struggling from wet basement Toronto.

  1. i) Installing a Dehumidifier

Sometimes the basement collects more moisture than other areas, causing a wet basement. Installing a dehumidifier would cure the problem by drying out the damp basement and help improve overall health, preventing mould from growing.

  1. ii) Ventilating The Area

Wet basement after rain Toronto might be due to lack of proper ventilation. Installing equipment that would ease ventilation or making appropriate arrangements for ventilation through running fans, opening doors or garden level windows can prevent the onsite from getting stored alongside proper ventilation.

iii) Check Air Leaks

The place where the foundation meets the flooring is an access point for the moisture you encounter at any leaking windows or vents; a silicon sealer can help plug the leaks. Although these are just temporary solutions, the leaky basement in Toronto would still require ventilation and dehumidification.

  1. iv) Resealing Your Concrete

This basement moisture can slowly make its way up to the concrete walls. This process, in turn, leads to condensation, where steam is captured onto the walls or floors, thereby leading to wet basements in Toronto. Thus, keeping a check on the sealing and resealing of the concrete adds up.

  1. v) Check Vents

A humidifier in the main room can cause cracks in vents and loose ducts, capturing moisture and leading to a wet basement in Toronto. These need to be seen and cured to prevent further common issues from developing.

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