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Your building’s foundation repair services in Toronto are often overlooked. But this ignorance can cost you highly if any problem is suspected in your basement. Not only to the appearance but the whole structure can get deformed. 

This damage can only be amended with specially trained and expert technicians. With the proper know-how of repairing cracked foundation damage and knowledge of different equipment, the Aquatech experts are here to serve you. 

With more than 25 years of experience, Aquatech waterproofing company is a pro company that will assist you in foundation repair services in Toronto. We at Aquatech imply a meticulous approach when it comes 

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 your foundation damage and cracks. We are very precise about the quality of work we are catering to our customers, and that is why we ensure the use of the latest technology and tools to help you get your foundation fixed. 

Why choose Aquatech basement waterproofing Toronto?

Transferable warranty

Transferable warranty

25 Years Experience

25 Years Experience

Highest quality guaranteed

Transferable warranty

Thousands of Happy clients

Thousands of Happy clients

25 Years Experience

Emergency Services

Several Times Homestar Winners

Several Times Homestar Winners

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Why are there cracks in your basement foundation?

We understand that your basement gets filled with water during the rainy season. And this is a prevalent thing that happens to most of the homeowners in Toronto. This occurrence is that basements are below the ground level, and water can quickly enter the basement area. In addition, this water flooding can be the reason for foundation cracks and other foundation damages. 

Your basement foundation is constructed using poured concrete, and this construction gets quickly soaked with water creating cracks in it. The gaps in your basement foundation can become the source of water penetration. These can steadily result in the deformation of the foundation structure and even affect the strength of your building. 

Aquatech Waterproofing for your Home and Commercial Basement Foundation Problems

Your home and commercial basement foundation can have several problems that need speedy assistance. We at Aquatech basement Waterproofing have been solving these problems for years. 

Tilted walls

You can face wall tinting and bowing if you have basement damage. This can be a severe problem as your foundation structure is at stake. Basement walls with such deformities are more likely to be affected with some serious cracks. 


Sometimes the soil around the foundation wall and the floor cannot bear the load capacity or get eroded, and it can cause the weight of the wall and floor to settle down. This creates a gap near the foundation area and can cause severe and rigid cracks in the walls. 

Cracked Foundation Walls

Your basement foundation wall cracks result from saturated soil and the pressure of water created from the outside of the foundation. This causes the wall surface to deform and shift. 

Aquatech foundation waterproofing contractors help you to get foundation crack repairs by the application of sealant. This is done after a deep analysis of the damage, and this will be very effective in filling in the gaps.

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If you face any of these problems, you must take immediate action as these problems tend to get serious as days pass. Aquatech foundation waterproofing contractors are specialists in this field. They will deeply analyze your basement foundation issues and inspect all the existing and hidden problems in the surface area. 

We have served thousands of clients in these 25 years and have helped them overcome all the problems related to their basement repair.

Aquatech waterproofing company Mississauga is a HomeStars 5 Star rated company delivering the best solutions. We have more than hundreds of reviews that are posted online by our happy clients with 4.9 ratings. You can rest easy knowing that a transferable warranty extends up to 25 years with our certified company services. 

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