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Your basement should be secured not only internally but externally as well. Though the internal problems are much more visible than the external ones, the exterior basement requires much greater attention. This is because the outer part has a larger effect on the whole structure of your basement foundations. It can include the internal damages which are leading to water leakage and other problems along. That is why it is important to consult a professional exterior waterproofing Toronto company to get to the roots of all the problems inside the basement. 

Aquatech basement waterproofing company is an experienced team of specialists contractors who are always ready to serve you with 

guaranteed solutions. We understand your concern with the wet basement repair, and that is why we offer the best reliable exterior basement waterproofing services for all your concerns.

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Transferable warranty

Transferable warranty

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25 Years Experience

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Transferable warranty

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Thousands of Happy clients

25 Years Experience

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Several Times Homestar Winners

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Identifying exterior basement waterproofing problems

The area surrounding your residential or commercial building comprises the ground soil, which is always at a stake of getting affected by the environmental changes. Heavy downpours and ice can change the consistency of soil, which can eventually damage your basement from external parts. Most homeowners might take the external damages very lightly, but these damages must be quickly addressed as they are linked with most interior problems. Though time-consuming, exterior waterproofing solutions are most effective for long-run benefits. This is a more labour-intensive method and involves all the steps, from excavating the soil from the external wall to filling and sealing the area with proper membranes. These steps help to prevent any water seepage and moisture from entering your basements and do any damage inside. 

Problems that arise inside your basement area

Leakage from the cold joints

The area where the walls and floor meet is the cold joint area and is one of the most common sources of water entry into the basement. You can see the maximum water leakage in your basement during the rainy season. This is because the ground around your building becomes saturated from the downpour and creates hydrostatic pressure that forces the water to seepage through the basement cold joints.

Drainage clogging

Clogged drainage caused due to the accumulation of litter and leaves can lead to spilling out of the water, and eventually, water gets directed into the basement. Water can also get towards the cellars if there is a sloping gutter. This will result in water leakage problems. That is why it is vital to ensure a proper drainage system to keep your basements dry. The whole point of getting exterior waterproofing solutions is to keep the water away from your basements.

Leakage from basement window wells

As your basement is beneath the ground level, the windows in the basement can often cause water leaky basement problems. The rain runoff can easily penetrate the basement windows and can litter the basement floor with water. That is why window wells are installed to drain away from the collected water. But often, the window wells start to fill with ice and rainwater, which creates a pool of water against the windows and leads to water leakage. 

Weeping tiles

If you are facing structural instability, leakage and foundation damage in your basement, then you must check if your weeping tile system is working correctly or not. Your basement foundation has this system that keeps all the water out from the surface and thus, helps to keep your basement dry. Mildew formation and accumulation of stagnant water can indicate the signs of replacing the existing weeping tile system. This can cause several horizontal and diagonal cracks to form in the wall if the water pressure affects the system.

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Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Contractors are the wet basement repair specialists in Toronto. Proudly serving for more than 25 years in the GTA, we are willing to solve all the external basement problems by offering guaranteed solutions. For the exterior waterproofing Toronto problems, we provide a range of remedies that include fixing everyeach and every possible internal damage. 

Our trained waterproofing specialists are always ready to serve in the Greater Toronto Area, no matter what time of the day it is. The expert technicians are very well trained and equipped to handle all the basement-related problems and provide you with the highest quality work and guaranteed results. 

How do we solve your exterior waterproofing repair?

Aquatech exterior basement waterproofing services include the use of high-quality products used by our trained experts. We use highly waterproof materials that minimize the risks of water and moisture entrance into your basements. We help you achieve a durable layer of protection from the exterior part that will ensure the structural integrity of the building.

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