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Common Causes of Wet Basements

Surviving in a leaky basement? Don’t worry!

For Canadians, basement moisture is a ubiquitous sight every year. Or you can say this is the only problem they don’t like to face! Basements are very dark and humid places. But due to the moisture problem, it becomes essential to hire a basement waterproofing Mississauga company to fix this problem before it becomes a heavy leakage in your basement.

Suppose your foundation is suffering from moisture problems. In that case, it is better to cure it before turning it into considerable damage that can cause health hazards! Waterproofing services Mississauga can help you to stop these significant issues in the right place.

Let’s see what causes moisture in your basement and how an expert in leaky basement waterproofing Mississauga helps you to fix it.

How Do Basement Repair Services Mississauga Work For You?

Let’s begin from scratch. First, you must know what warning signs and symptoms you have seen that can cause moisture in your basement.

For this, you can also hire a basement waterproofing Mississauga company, and they will eventually find out the roots causing this problem! The signs of basement moisture are not that obvious to see. That is why an expert from waterproofing services Mississauga can find numerous ways your basement welcomes the moisture to stay.

Here’s a quick list to help you out find the cause of your foundation:

Water Leaking Out Of The Walls,A Ring Of Dampness In Your Concrete Walls Or Floors,Condensation On The Walls Or FloorStained And Blistering Walls,
Damp And Humid Air In The BasementPuddles Of Water On The FloorDeteriorating Carpet And WoodFaulty Smell Of Mold And Mildews

If you observe any of these signs, you will ultimately face moisture in your basement area. Now that you know the reason causing moisture, let’s see what causes them to occur in your foundation!

Some Common Causes That Make You Go For Basement Repair Services Mississauga!

There are generally three root causes of wet basements in your home:

  • Rain Or Groundwater

This is one of the major causes of outside water making its way inside your foundation. Remember that a little much of rain is capable of pouring down 1,250 gallons of water onto a 2,000 sq. ft. home like yours! Therefore, it is better to go for leaky basement waterproofing Mississauga services to help you install proper grading, downpipes, and gutters, to keep the water flowy in every seasonal change.

  • Interior Moisture Sources

It is also better to identify the sources causing interior moisture. This might include dryers, showers, cooking, moisture from newly-constructed concrete, etc. Don’t be late to fix them if you see any of these in your foundation.

  • Ventilation Welcoming Humid Air

We often open our basement windows in warmer weather to help ventilate the space. But this can open the doors for letting outside humid air enter into our cool basements and eventually condense our walls and floors. In this case, a basement waterproofing Mississauga company can fix it for you in no time. 

Why Is It Better To Hire Us?

If you see any sign of moisture in your basement, don’t wait for too long!

Aquatech basement waterproofing Mississauga can help you identify these issues and fix them for you in no time. We are here to provide you with the best waterproofing services that are quick, reliable and top guaranteed.

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