Basement Waterproofing: Fact Vs. Fiction

Toronto folks, are you ready to unveil the Truth? The truth about basement waterproofing TorontoYou must have listened to many rumours about waterproofing and leak proofing services, but today you’ll get to know if they are rumours or facts.

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Facts Vs. Fiction About Basement Waterproofing Toronto


Fiction: To Solve Leaky Basement Problems, You Only Need To Fix The Paint. 

Fact: While waterproofing the basement walls, the paint fixing is a temporary solution. Paint removal is a part of the leakproof process; you must cover the whole process to remove moisture behind the basement walls. As a result, unhealthy water in your basements can lead to mould, which may cause health issues for your family.

Fiction: Exterior Basement Waterproofing Is Enough.  

Fact: Waterproofing is essential in both exterior and interior basement cases. Although the external systems are more prone to damage, they need extra care and maintenance. Contact the drain repair services Toronto for free estimations or inspections to avoid the risk of heavy wear.  

Fiction: You Can’t Waterproof Your Home In Winters.

Fact: Another Fiction to break is that winter is the best time to waterproof. Experts can work all year round. You are responsible for inspecting your basement and informing before it gets late! Carelessness can make you pay a heavy

Fiction: I Can Do My Wet Basement Alone. 

Fact: You can’t do your basement alone and will always require a professional to deal with the wet basement problems. Putting the water out of the basement can be your task, but drain or sewer cleaning Toronto asks for an expert and mindful hand to work. 

Fiction: Basement Waterproofing Toronto Is Time-consuming

Fact: Well, to be honest, basement waterproofing services are time-consuming if you make them. If you detect a problem in your basement and overlook it, it would make you pay big bucks in future and take a lot of your time to repair. Drain cleaning services Toronto are provided by Aquatech work in no time and can help you work more seamlessly in your basements. 

Aquatech Drain Repair is a 25 years old company and has been awarded as Homestar winners several times. They have experts working to give you all types of professional interior or exterior basement waterproofing services.

At The End, 

A wet basement is not the choice of any homeowner, Eh? Poor basement conditions can decrease a home’s value by 10%! A little carelessness can cause you to pay a heavy amount. Addressing the water issue before the winter freeze/thaw cycle will prevent further damage this spring.

basement waterproofing Toronto may ding some bucks but can contribute an enormous amount to maintaining the beauty of your home. Therefore, Aquatech Drain Repair offers basement waterproofing cost Toronto at an affordable package to remake their home. 

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