7 tips for keeping your basement waterproof this summer

7 tips for keeping waterproofing this summer


Most of all, the thought of keeping the basement is not very much taken care of. But if you can keep it waterproof during this hot summer, there is a level of satisfaction. As we keep most of our day-to-day belongings in the basement, naturally, keeping it waterproofing arises. 


But how to go about the idea of basement waterproofing in Toronto?


You can do that all yourself; however, if you are looking for a full-proof solution to your worry, take the expert guidance from the leaky basement waterproofing service Toronto


Aquatech Waterproofing, the Basement Waterproofing HomeStar Winner in Toronto, can help you out with these seven essential tips to follow that can solve the issue or prevent the hazards from even taking place. 

  • Close the basement windows

Once we keep our basement windows open, damp and moist air automatically enters the space. They build up humidity inside the room temperature, and therefore the windows should be kept shut during the summer seasons. 


Suppose you want to avoid needing waterproofing services. According to estimates in Toronto, the windows at the basement level should be kept closed most of the time to prevent the need for constant waterproofing services. The same should be done for the upstairs doors leading to the basement level as this prevents the direct entry of the damp and moist air into our premises. 

  • Avail a Dehumidifier

Air conditioning and moisturizing are the two primary factors during the hot seasons. We are naturally subjected to dampness and humidity by keeping things exposed. 


When you install, an energy-efficient dehumidifier sucks the moisture out of the air, thereby preventing a damp and moist atmosphere inside.

  • Develop Your Drainage System

Water flowing through the gutters could creep inside the basement, causing tiny cracks. If we can fit an interior drainage system, the better it is. 


In addition, you need to install a basement sump pump by the sump pump installation services in Toronto to ejaculate the water that enters the basement drainage system. 


If you can not sort out how water gets inside, then a free basement inspection through local experts is arranged to prevent a cracked foundation in Toronto.

  • Properly Grading The Yards

We are always at risk as long as outside water gets inside the house foundation. The slope surrounding our home should be properly graded so that the rainwater flows away from our basic foundation. A landscaping professional is the best guide to resolve this matter. Once the yard slopes away, then there would be no problem.

  • Basement Insulation

Insulating the basement with Polystyrene foam or foam board will not allow the humid air to enter through basement ceilings or adjoining walls. The inside of the house will remain cool, dry, and comfortable even during the summer.


  1. Keep The Gutters And Drainage In Good Condition

While basement waterproofing, one should be careful about the roof drainage as the rainwater could leak inside. Therefore a leaky basement waterproofing Toronto might cause water leakage inside the foundation. Regularly cleaning the gutters and burying downspouts will stop clogging the basement.

  • Repairing Damaged Plumbing

Basement waterproofing in Toronto is an effective way to overcome moisture, waterlogging, and damage. You have several choices, and one has to find out which method suits them the best. 


To Wrap Up:


Do not let the moisture problem become a significant issue that prohibits using your basement as desired. The problem could be scheduled by inspecting a free waterproof basement estimate in Toronto and deriving ideas from experts from the Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Company.  


We hope this post will help get the tips and ideas about basement waterproofing in Toronto during the hot weather. The above points will guide you toward a healthy atmosphere inside one’s home. Therefore one should consistently implement these methods to stay calm and quiet and let the hassle-free life take its turn.